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C’mon Home to Eat 2017

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A Mendocino Permaculture Event

Zeni Chestnut Gathering – Saturday, November  4, 2017

Mendocino Permaculture 36th Annual Chestnut Gathering and George Zeni Memorial Potluck will be held at the Zeni Ranch from 10 am to 4 pm, rain or shine, on Saturday, November 4, 2017. Our event has now grown into the Zeni Family’s Annual Chestnut Festival. There will be live bands, so bring your dancing shoes as well as your orchard boots!

The Zeni’s 100 year-old dry-farmed seedling trees are a testament to the sustainability of tree crops.

No admission cost; bring a potluck dish. Pick your own fresh chestnuts off the ground for $3.50/lb. De-burring the chestnuts on the ground is easier with good boots and gloves. Zeni also sells the de-burred clean chestnuts for $4.50.

Schedule of Events

10:30 am to 4 pm:  Chestnut gathering and roasting over the open fire.
11 am:  Tour of the ranch by the Zeni family.
12:30 pm:  Potluck and music, show and tell of local self-sufficiency.
1 pm:  Discussion on what this year has taught us; the drought; the best fruit and nuts.
2 to 4 pm: Chestnuts, music, taste the harvest.

Please bring: Potluck dish (oven available), made from local ingredients if possible, and bring your cup, plate, napkins and utensils. If you bring a dog, bring a leash and be responsible.

Bring your wine, fruit, nut, or vegetable harvests to show us what works for you. Demonstration tables will be available.

Bring cuttings of fruit plants to share: this is the beginning of the season to start cuttings of the easy-to-root hardwood plants. Starting cuttings so early gives them plenty of time to root with no inputs needed except the rain. Bring labeled, de-leafed cuttings (you can leave the leaf stem on) of these plants: olive, grape, fig, mulberry,  pomegranate, quince, kiwi, goji, currant, gooseberry, berries, cherry plum, roses.

Directions:  The Zeni Ranch is at 30995 Fish Rock Road at mile marker 15.6 (County Highway 122). From the Coast Highway 1 junction of Fish Rock (5 miles north of Gualala) go 15.5 miles east. From Highway 128 the Fish Rock Road junction  is at Hwy 128 marker 36.56, about 7.7 miles east of the Highway 256/128 junction, or 4.7 miles west of Yorkville. Take Fish Rock Road about 13 miles to marker 15.6. Using odometer and mile markers, it’s an easy and enjoyable slow drive through a most beautiful and very remote part of the county.

For information call Zeni Ranch 684-6892, Barbara & Rob Goodell 895-3897, or Mark Albert 463-8672.

For more information about the Zeni Ranch, see their Facebook website:

Mendocino Permaculture 2018 Winter Abundance Workshop – Scion and Seed Exchange will be held Saturday, February 10, 2017 at the Mendocino County Fairgrounds in Boonville, 9am-4pm. It’s our 35th annual event. Free admission, free scions & cuttings, free seeds, and free classes all day. Fruit tree rootstocks for purchase; lunch for purchase; beverages for purchase.

See you there!

Running With the Challenge 

            Last week with six special local dinner options out, your own local cooking, an AV Health Center Harvest Festival, and a Fermentation Fair with hands-on demos on how to ferment veggies, make kombucha, kvaass, kefir, and honey mead honey mead, plus kefir and sourdough cultures to share, we are heading into the final laps of AV Foodshed’s C’mon Home To Eat in October ‘17 challenge. The local harvests are being utilized!

            The calendar for the final week of C’mon Home to Eat ’17 features:

  • 10/26 Buckhorn Pub’s local food community dinner—you can get 10%-off tickets at the Boonville Farmers’ Market, Boont Berry, and Lemons;
  • 10/27 Mosswood Cafe’s lunch soup special;
  • Unfortunately, the 10/27 Boonville General Store evening pumpkin carving and pizza dinner had to be cancelled, we look forward to this lively event next year;
  • 10/28 Boonville Farmers’ Market—please check the Foodshed weekly update to see if there will be enough vendors for the last market of the season. You can also check the local farm stands to get the last of the summer veggies and winter squash.  If the BFM is open, the apple press will be available for making cider.  The winter market will also begin November 4th in front of the Seebass tasting room/Boonville General Store;
  • 10/28 Boonville Farmers’ Market potluck has been postponed for a few weeks.  If you would like to join the vendors and market stalwarts in a potluck/meeting to talk about the future of the BFM, please check with Amanda at 895-3492.  The BFM is looking for a new market manager (or two?) for next year. Interested?  You can also call Amanda for more information about this important position; and
  • 10/30 AVUSD local school lunch for students and teachers

After the dinner at the Buckhorn on Thursday, the 10%-off coupons redeemed for the 12 local dinners featuring local ingredients at our local AV eateries during October will be put into a basket and one will be chosen to receive a free dinner at one of our local restaurants.

Launching C’mon Home To Eat 2017

It’s here–October’s cornucopia of celebrations to put more local food on our plates and enjoy community activities to celebrate the long-awaited harvest of our Anderson Valley farmers and ranchers!

AV Foodshed’s calendar for the first week in October shows:

  • 10/1 Pennyroyal Farms hosting a Harvest Celebration from 4-6:00 to meet US Representative Jared Huffman with local appetizers and music.
  • 10/2 from 1-2:00 on the KZYX Farm & Garden Show Ruthie King will be interviewing Severine Von Tscharner Fleming about her work with the Greenhorns, which supports new farmers getting on the land, and the Agrarian Land Trust, which connects young farmers with affordable land.
  • 10/5 AV Foodshed monthly meeting 5-6:30 at 13461 Airport Road in Boonville.
  • 10/6 from 5-7:00 Seebass (next to the Boonville General Store) will serve gazpacho soup made from veggies from their garden and fresh bread made by Susan Robinson.
  • 10/6 6:00 Yorkville Market’s First Friday community local food dinner*
  • 10/7 Boonville Farmers’ Market from 9:30-noon in the Boonville Hotel parking lot where you can get all the summer produce plus mushrooms, olive oil, potatoes, meat, eggs, local canned goods, music, T shirts, aprons, and more
  • 10/7 Lauren’s Restaurant community local food dinner*
  • All-month specials feature fresh fruit popsicles at Paysanne, weekly specials at the Boonville General Store, and 20% off plants at AV Farm Supply

Looking for ingredients beyond your own garden and the Boonville Farmers’ Market? Check out Blue Meadow, Gowan’s Oak Tree, Apple Farm, Velma’s, Brock, Petit Teton, and Zeni farmstands; Lemons; Anderson Valley Market; and Boont Berry. Believe it or not there are five local olive oils available—Yorkville Olive Oil, Chatham Ranch, Filigreen Farm, AV Community Farm, and Bramble Family Farms. Meat producers are Dave Kooyers, Mendocino Heritage Pork, and AV Community Farm.

*Remember to pick up your AV Foodshed 10%-off coupons to eat dinner and support local food at Yorkville Market and/or Lauren’s this week and the other featured restaurants the following weeks. You can find the coupons at the Boonville Farmers’ Market, Boont Berry, or Lemons.


For a full Calendar and more details click HERE!