C’mon Home to Eat!

R-r-rev-v-ving Up for A Challenge

C’mon Home To Eat month in October is not just about the individual challenge of eating as locally as you can go, but about community. On the October activity calendar sponsored by AV Foodshed will be over 30 opportunities to join with other locals in conversations over a meal, a workshop, gathering local food, pressing cider, or meeting the farmers.

There are special dinner nights planned at Yorkville Market, Seebass, Lauren’s, the Senior Center, the Boonville Hotel, Lizbby’s, Bruxo Food Truck, The Bewildered Pig, Boont Berry, Stone & Embers, Boont Berry, Aquarelle, Pennyroyal, the Buckhorn, and the Boonville General Store. Starting this Saturday at the Boonville Farmers’ Market you can pick up 10% off coupons for eating at any (or all) of these restaurants on the evening of their local food community dinners when you choose a menu item with local ingredients. The coupons will also be available at Boont Berry and Lemons Markets.  When the coupons are collected from the restaurants at the end of the month there will also be a drawing--the winner will receive a dinner for two at one of the restaurants.  You can plan to collect coupons for as many of these dinners as you can attend and invite your friends and neighbors to join you or meet someone new.

C’mon Home To Eat lunches will be at the Boonville General Store, Boont Berry, Mosswood, Pennyroyal, Stone & Embers, and AVUSD for the students and teachers.  The Grange Pancake Breakfast so far is the only community breakfast, but an excellent one. Paysanne will offer local fruit popsicles all month.

The third annual Shindig with dinner, music, and a pie auction will happen on October 14th put on by AV Foodshed to benefit the Heathy Foods in the Schools project and a new printing of the Food Guide. During C’mon Home To Eat in October there will also be a stimulating free workshop on fermenting foods on October 22 with hands-on demonstrations on how to make yoghurt, pickles, kefir, sourdough bread, kombucha, and more. AV Farm Supply is offering 20% off on all plants in October.  KZYX’s Farm and Garden Show hosts will coordinate with local food topics. Gleaning parties are being scheduled. And just beyond October, the Chestnut Gathering at the Zeni Ranch is scheduled for November 4th.

Whether you choose produce from your own garden, your neighbors, the Farmers’ Market, farm stands, markets, and/or come to the planned C’mon activities, AV Foodshed hopes you will enjoy the bounty of the Anderson Valley harvest in October and beyond.

Calendar of Events in October 2017

All month—Paysanne—local fresh fruit popsicles

-- AV Foodshed lending library at Lauren’s

--Weekly specials at the Boonville General Store

Each week—Boonville General Store local weekly specials

TBA Gleaning outings as they come up

Apple Press available at Boonville Farmers’ Market every Saturday

October 1 Harvest Celebration benefit for Jared Huffman at Pennyroyal 4-6:00

October 2 KZYX Farm & Garden Show with Ruthie King 1-2:00

October 5 AV Foodshed monthly meeting 5-6:30

October 6 Seebass winery gazpacho and bread 5-7:00

October 6 Yorkville Market 5:30 Happy Hour/dinner 6:00

October 7 Boonville Farmers’ Market 9:30-noon

October 7 Lauren’s Restaurant*

October 9 KZYX Farm & Garden Show 1-2:00

October 12 Senior Center lunch

October 12 Boonville Hotel dinner*

October 13 Mosswood Café lunch soup

October 13 Lizbby’s dinner*

October 14 Boonville Farmers’ Market 9:30-noon

October 14 Shindig AV Foodshed dinner to benefit Fresh Foods in the Schools and the Local Food Guide

October 15 Grange Pancake Breakfast

October 16 KZYX Farm and Garden Show

October 18 AV Health Center Harvest Festival 3:30-6:30

October 18 Bruxo Food Truck at the Boonville Hotel dinner*

October 19 The Bewildered Pig dinner*

October 20 Boont Berry Farm lunch and dinner*

October 20 Stone and Embers lunch and dinner*

October 21 Boonville Farmers’ Market 9:30-noon

October 21 Aquarelle dinner*

October 22 The AV Fermentation Experience at the Grange 11-4pm FULL SCHEDULE

October 22 Pennyroyal Farm dinner items 4-6*

October 26 Buckhorn Pub dinner*

October 27 Mosswood Café lunch—soup

October 27 Boonville General Store dinner pizza and pumpkin carving*

October 28 Boonville Farmers’ Market 9:30-noon (End of BFM season potluck lunch 12:30)

October 30 AVUSD School lunch

November 4 Zeni Ranch Chestnut Gathering

**Get your 10% off coupons for any or all of these dinners at the Boonville Farmers’ Market, Boont Berry, Lemons, or any prior Foodshed event in October**

Eateries that utilize local products

Anderson Valley Unified School District

Anderson Valley Senior Center


Bewildered Pig*

Bruxo Food Truck*

Boonville General Store*

Boonville Hotel/Table 128*

Buckhorn Pub






Stone and Embers*

Yorkville Market*

*always expect local items on the menu


Anderson Valley Market

Boont Berry Store

Lemon’s Market


Local Food Suppliers

Anderson Valley Community Farm

Apple Farm

Blue Meadow Farm

Boonville Farmers’ Market

Bramble Olive Oil

Brock farm stand

Bucket Ranch

Chatham Ranch Olive Oil

Dave Kooyers’ beef

Gowan’s Oak Tree

Mendocino County Food Hub www.mendolakefoodhub.com

Mendocino Grain Project

Mendocino Heritage Pork

Mendocino Sea Vegetable Company

Natural Products of Boonville

Petite Teton

Pomo Tierra

Wildacre Farm

Velma’s farm stand (Filigreen Farm)

Yorkville Olive Oil

Zeni Ranch farm stand


Anderson Valley Farm Supply with 20% off plants each Saturday in October

Diaspora Seeds

Goodness Grows