Goat Fest

Join us to celebrate everything goat!  This is an annual event that features local goat raisers, workshops and kid's activities!  Goat milk, goat cheese, wool, and animal husbandry are covered in this one-day event at the Boonville Fairgrounds. Saturday April 21, 2018. ALL FREE!

Bring your bike and get a prize! Be sure to remember your helmet too. The parade at 11:30 will be people dressed like goats, or bikes dressed like goats! Please come dressed in your favorite goat costume! Let's pay tribute to our wonderful animal friends who provide us with so much. 'Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!'

10:00- Gates and Farmers’ Market Open

Mosswood Goat Cheese Empanadas available at Info Table at 10am.

Lunch Food Vendors:

Alicia’s Tacos

John's Farm Burgers

Gabe's Fruit Cups, Horchata & Hibiscus Aguas and Baked Goods (Fundraiser for the Music Production Program at AV High School)

Entertainment and Activities:

10:00- Goat Mask and Costume Making workshop (on-going)

11:30- Parade: Humans dressed up as goats or bikes dressed up as goats! (Don't have a costume? Make one at the workshop at 10am)

12:00-1:00 Music in the Grove with Gabe Segura and other students from the high school.

1:00-1:15 Performance by AVES 3rd Grade

1:15  Piñata!

1:45 Birria Tasting Begins

2:45 Birria Winner Announced

2:00-3:00 More Music in the Grove

3:00 Clean-up

*The Bike Rodeo, sadly, has been cancelled. Please feel free to bring your bikes and scooters! There will be bike rider prizes!*


10:30 -11:00- Goat Milking with Fallon from Anderson Valley Community Farm

11:00-12:30- Goats 101 - Jim Doublesnake (See course description below)

12:00-1:00- Cheese Making and More – Marggie Chandler

1:00-2:00- Goats for pack animals, carts, clearing, and restoration - Abeja Hummel

2:00-3:00- Soap Making with  Elodi Terrochaud from Yerba Santa Goat Farm

3:00- Tour of Pennyroyal Farm: Sign up at info table in advance please. Meet at the info table at fairgrounds at 3pm

Hope to see you there!

Goats 101 with Jim Doublesnake

Small scale Goat Husbandry and Homesteading with Goats goes back 12,000 years in human experience. This course will cover the basics to understand if goats are right for you and your homesteading project. We will discuss the history and variety of goat breeds and what they what can contribute to your project. We’ll cover goat needs and general care and some of their biology as ruminants. Also we’ll discuss goat health and some simple health assessment strategies. In addition we’ll describe the workings of a homestead dairy project, estimates of costs to own goats and some options for breeding goats. Finally we talk about goat equipment and will give some references for you to learn more about goats.

Goat Outline extended

Instructor Bio:

Jim DoubleSnake has been raising livestock for more than 30 years. He began as a teenager raising small farm animals including fowl and rabbits in his mother’s urban backyard in the San Francisco East Bay. His experience is not limited to small stock, he was the main livestock tender at Green Faerie Farm (A small urban homestead in Berkeley, CA) from 1995 to 2015, where he got more than 15 years experience with camelids and dairy goats. He now resides at the Groundswell Community just east of Booneville where he continues to work with a wide variety of livestock.

He has a good amount of experience as an educator as well. He volunteered at the Berkeley Free Clinic from 1981 to 2006 mostly working as a health educator focusing on STI and HIV prevention. From 1992 to 2015 he taught at Maybeck High School in Berkeley teaching many subjects but mainly the subjects of Health Ed. and Mathematics. From 2011-2016, He also was on the faculty of the Institute of Urban Homesteading teaching a wide variety of urban livestock related course. He continues to share what he’s learned as a farmer through small events and forums.