Scion Exchange

Mendocino Permaculture’s 34th Annual Winter Abundance Workshop

Saturday February 4, 2017 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
at the Fairgrounds in Boonville

Seed, Scion & Cutting Exchange with Hands-on Fruit Tree Grafting

Admission, classes, seeds, cuttings, scion wood – All Free

Free classes all day on tree & vine propagation; how to grow your own food; how to do seed saving of all kinds of food plants. You can purchase fruit tree rootstocks cheaply here and then graft your own trees from our free scions. Come spend the day with local green thumbs who understand the unique climate zones and soils of our bioregion. You can purchase an inexpensive organic lunch, snacks and beverages at the event. You can also try out and purchase a grafting knife. Please bring your love of plants, and enjoy our daylong celebration of Abundance.

Featured Fruit: Glenora – a proven gem for every homestead here

Glenora should probably be the first grape you plant in our climate zone. It’s a wonderful fresh-eating grape and a wonder of a vine. The taste and texture is unique – just right for high consumption. The grapes hang ripe for many weeks without deteriorating in quality, and make excellent raisins and juice. It is an original “American hybrid” grape, a 1940s experimental cross of Ontario X Black Kishmish, created at the (Geneva) New York Agricultural Experiment Station. Glenora is an exceptionally powerful vine, can put on 500 feet of growth in a season, so it does require pruning and thinning to prevent it from going wild. Cuttings of Glenora grape will be available.



9:00 – 4:00 Open tables – Scions, seeds, cuttings and selection advice

9:30 – 10:30 Class – Mark Albert: Scionology – The crash course on making your own trees & vines from scions, rootstocks, cuttings, seeds. Basics of scion selection, grafting & budding.

10:30 -12:00 Class – Guy Baldwin of Towani Farm: “Permieculture? What Went Wrong?” My successes and failures implementing permaculture concepts on 45 acres in the Sierra Nevada foothills over 29 years while making a living growing and selling vegetables, flowers and olive oil (and a little bit of fruit, too)

10:30 – 2:00 Grafting Hands-on clinics – local grafters share their techniques: you try out our knives on real scionwood; or bring your or grafting knife to get a tune-up. ***Class space is limited so please make sure you sign up at the registration desk! Each class is 45 minutes and start every half hour.****

12:00 – 1:00 Lunch for sale: Salsitas’ homemade Organic Lunch

1:00 – 2:15 Class – Seed Saving Basics by our local Seed Savers Group

2:15 – 3:30 Class – Patrick Schafer: Advanced Grafting, Budding & Topworking – Techniques & Strategies – Q & A


Seed Exchange: Seeds from local growers with local seed savers on hand. Bring your own saved and labeled seeds to share. Glass jars are good. We supply free seed envelopes.

Scion Exchange: Free scions will be available all day, with local experts on hand. Please bring labeled scions of your favorite fruit trees – especially the gems that are proven here. New varieties and your own seedlings are also welcome. If the varietal name is unknown, just label with your name, phone, brief description. Best scions are cut from the lower portion of the longest, straightest new shoots. Cut scions 8-12” long and zip-bag them. Cuttings for rooting should be 12-18” long and bundled. Store them damp and cold on the north side of a building, or refrigerate. Cut dormant scions on nice January days rather than waiting until the last moment in this unpredictable season. Our dormancy period is short, so picking scions early is best, especially the Prunus. We have free bags and labels.

Scionology Class: The first class is basics but dense. The focus is on: when and how to cut, store, and label a scion or a cutting to root. How to assess scions on the scion tables. Which plants are easiest by which method. How to make a simple cutting box with bottom heat, and a seed germination box. Which cultivars are best in our climate zone. Why different grafts are better for different seasons and situations. The reasons and methods of the different rootstocks. Previously manager of the only avocado nursery in Santa Barbara County, Mark packs 40 years of propagation tricks into a 90-minute class.

Advanced Grafting: Patrick’s class in the afternoon focuses on techniques and strategies for specific plants, how to topwork trees to other varieties, summer chip budding, and answers to your individual questions. Bring your questions and challenges. Patrick is an expert in local gems and unusual and worthwhile plants.

Grafting Hands-on Clinics throughout the day: We are experimenting with hands-on class formats to help you learn to graft with the knife in your hand and build your confidence. We’ve purchased different kinds of grafting knives for you to try out. Our demo grafting knives are state of the art and can be purchased after the last clinic. The clinics focus on the basic techniques and the feel of the knives. Each of the volunteer clinic teachers may have their own unique style. There are many ways to successfully graft. Let Barbara know if you want to share your knowledge of grafting, and teach one of these short classes at a specific time slot. Bring your own knife for us to asses and sharpen for you.

Guy Baldwin at his farmer’s market stand

Guy Baldwin’s Class: The quiet rebel speaks! Always ahead of the curve, the founding editor of theThe Permaculture Activist knew the theories and then jumped into the Farmer’s Market movement 5 years before FMs exploded on the west coast around 1994. Guy and his partner, Sharon Casey, are veteran vegetable truck farmers near Chico, California. We invited Guy to speak on his favorite ideas but we also gave him a list of questions we would love to get his sage opinion on. We expect that the Guy’s talk will be wonderfully grounded and practical.


Rootstock sales: We sell over 500 tree rootstocks of major fruit types, for a few dollars each. We try to choose the best rootstocks for our climate and soil. Some years there are specific rootstock scarcities, due to crop failures, disease and weather. Rootstock Update: We are praying the rootstocks will arrive by Feb 4. Severe storms have delayed the 2017 digging season in the Pacific Northwest, so scion exchanges in the Bay Area this January will probably not get their rootstocks in time.

Plant share: Everyone is welcome to use our venue to give away or swap plants. Due to Sudden Oak Death and other root pathogens, please minimize the attached native soil. Try to use soil-less potting mixes if possible, or bring plants bare root, gently washing native soil off dormant plants. Moist pine wood shavings (sold in bags as animal bedding) are best for packing roots and scions. Wet newspaper also works short term.

Trees & plants & seeds for sale by local tree and seed companies, who are invited to come and sell. No charge to vendors.

Food sales by local people: The Salsitas sells an inexpensive organic Mexican lunch, and the 6th grade science class sells hot and cold beverages and snacks. Please bring your own plate, utensils, & cups. Utensil sets are also available for purchase. The Boonville Winter Farmers’ Market will be set up for sales too.

This workshop is co-sponsored by Anderson Valley Adult School and Anderson Valley Foodshed with help from the Master Gardener program of U.C. Cooperative Extension.

This is a free public service event conceived by Mendocino Permaculture. It has grown and evolved over 34 years, with a lot of help from our friends. Our costs are funded by rootstock sales and donations. There is no charge for admission, classes, seeds, cuttings, or scion wood.

We appreciate volunteers for several aspects of the event. The Master Gardeners have joined our effort the last couple years, and that has been great! Call Barbara to see what more is needed. We usually need a couple volunteer hours the day before the event at noon on Friday the 3rd to set up the scion tables and classroom chairs. Feel free to pass on our email flyer to friends and to e-bulletin boards. Our postcard flyer is also designed to post on old-fashioned bulletin boards if you know of one. Grafters are welcome to show us how they make their grafts, whether in a clinic or pick your own niche. Everyone’s local knowledge is helpful at the scion tables. This event above all is an exchange of the science and love of plants.

About the Boonville Fairgrounds venue. Classes will be in the dining hall. Scion and seed tables will be in the large Library/Arts and Crafts Building. Rootstock sales, tree sales and plant exchange will be under the large eaves overhanging the library building. We are using only the front parking lot and street parking on Hwy 128 near the fairground entrance. Vehicles that arrive before 9 am will be allowed into the grounds to drop off plant material. The AV Community Library will be open for its regular hours, 1:30 – 4:00 PM. This is a rain or shine event – we have indoor space and roof cover for all of us to be sheltered should the weather be rainy.

Please do not bring your dog. It is a Fairgrounds rule.

For more information please call Barbara & Rob at (707) 895-3897, Richard 459-5926, or Mark at 463-8672.

See you there!