2018 AV Foodshed Volunteers

*Amanda Bontecou – Previous Boonville Farmers’ Market manager, AV Foodshed Commitee

*Barbara Goodell – Connecting With Local Food articles coordinator, October C’mon Home to Eat coordinator, Winter Abundance Fair Organizer AV Foodshed Comittee

*Cindy Wilder – Email Updates, AVFoodshed committee, Goatfest Organizer, Marketplace Organizer

*Donna Pierson-Pugh – AV Schools local food activities liaison

*Rachel Williams – Email Updates, AV Foodshed Committee, Goatfest Organizer

*Lama Nasser-Gammett – AV Foodshed committee, Flyers and Website, Winter Abundance Organizer

*Trout – Farmers’ Market and McFarm Consultant

*Dawn Trygstad – AV Foodshed Committee, Goat Fest Organizer

*Abeja Hummell – Goatfest Organizer

*Linda MacElwee – AVFoodshed website committee & Mendo Local Food Website coordinator

*Mary Pat Palmer – AV Foodshed committee

*Torrey Douglass – Website consultant


Thank you to all the volunteers mentioned here as well as all those who work with us to create this wonderful community!

If you are interested in volunteering with the foodshed we welcome you to contact us! Please email Rachel at rachel@williamsae.com